piecing together a party: fun

One of the most fun parts of a birthday party for a little kid is the presents. Hank certainly looooved getting his birthday presents! We also had fun making little presents for his friends. Party favors! Once again, we kept it simple 😉

In keeping with the theme, we made “ice cream” favors… Playdough (with glitter!) shaped into balls. Placed into large glass jars, these “ice cream balls” made a cute centerpiece for the table.


As guests left, the kids got two scoops of playdough and put them in their very own glass jar.


I had been collecting the glass jars for a while – salsa jars, pickle jars, etc. I had been storing nuts and dried fruits and things, but our collection was growing too large for me to use. I found a good use for the party! These are only a few of the jars – I had about a dozen of them set up for the party, all cleaned up and decorated with washi tape.


The other fun thing we did at the party was play Pin the Tail on the Donkey… Of all the pictures that we didn’t take, these are the ones I missed the most! The kids absolutely loved playing this game – both the 4 year old set and (most of) the 2 year old set. If I’d thought of it, I’d have had the adults play too – the kiddos would have loved seeing that! At any rate, it was a great source of delight, and it added a classic party touch to the event. Here is the set that I bought – I can highly recommend it! My one critique (as you’ll read in the amazon reviews) is that the tails fall off if you don’t use additional tape!! Such a cute set though, and you can use it again as it’s made with a kind of laminated paper.


pin the tail on the donkey


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