piecing together a party: decorations

I kept the decorations minimal. I wanted it to be a simple, old fashioned, effortless birthday party for two sweet little boys. There was nothing over the top – achieving an easy and sweet little party was my goal.

There were lots of balloons… Seemingly magically floating along the ceiling and underfoot (available for balloon fighting). Balloons are such a fun, cheap (and classic!) way to decorate for a party. They make everything more festive, and kids and adults love them. They also serve as an easy party favor!

Again, there was a severe lack of picture taking going on, so here are the only balloon pictures that I have:

balloon graveyard

balloon graveyard

balloon fight!

balloon fight!

I did some double-duty decorating by getting some really cute plates/cups/straws. I got the plates and ice cream cups from a company called Meri Meri. They have the most adorable party decorations. If you’re having an Easter party, they have some cute things for that right now!

The ice cream cups came with wooden “spoons” – the flat kind that used to come with ice cream cups at school… and they came in the cutest ice cream trucks! One side of each truck has a window, so we decorated with those and put pictures of each boy in a truck. They were really cute on the table as decorations, and the boys have been playing with them since the party.

ice cream trucks

The last little bit of “decoration” was also useful – cups and straws! How can the ever popular striped paper straws not make you smile?! These white paper cups got a mini-makeover with a black sharpie and some simple ice cream drawings. I LOVE how they turned out. I’ll be stocking up on these white paper cups because they can be customized to whatever party you’re throwing – so cute! I can also see leaving out sharpies next to the bar so people can draw on their own cups too 🙂



One thought on “piecing together a party: decorations

  1. I love that you kept it so simple! To me, some kids’ birthday parties are so over the top, which is so much fun, but is just not my preference. I will definitely keep your ideas in mind next time around!

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