piecing together a party… the invitations

My first “big gig” as a mommy blogger and I blow it. Threw a biiiiig birthday bash and took veeeeeryyy few photos. Ah vell…

Last weekend, we threw a birthday party for our sweet boys – they are two years and two weeks apart, so for now at least, it makes sense to combine them. I’ll do a few posts on the party. Though they will be lacking in pictures (which makes me a bit sad!),  I do have a few fun things to share 🙂

Hank turned 4 and Bill is turning 2 – when I asked what they wanted to do for their birthday party, Hank said “ice cream and cake!!” Who am I to deny him such a request?!

I decided to do a vintage ice cream theme for the party – a perfect combination of Hank’s request and my love of all things 1950s.

First things first: the invitations. I scoured the internet for some photos of 1950s birthday parties and found several images. I finally settled on an illustration of a mid-century children’s birthday party – the scene perfectly illustrated the “feel” I wanted for the party.

I used no fancy programs to do the invitations. I created it in photoshop and you can too!

1) Insert a your photo. I also formatted the picture to soften the edges – do this by right-clicking on the photo and selecting Format Picture
2) Insert text box and add your party info. Here is a great resource for cute, free fonts.
3) I then grouped the photo and the text box together (again, right-click for that option) and saved it as a jpg.
4) After that, I was done! Logged onto shutterfly.com and ordered the prints. I selected the matte option. I did not need to order any envelopes as I already had some at home.

Not only did the invitation turn out to be really, really cute, but it was super simple to pull together and super cheap to boot! Not to mention, totally custom. Win-win-win-win!

boy invite

I sent printed invitations through the mail and was also easily able to send a follow-up by email because it already lived on my computer as a jpeg.

Shutterfly has great invitation options in their invitations/stationery section, but designing your own and using them as a printer is an option too! Another great printing resource is www.vistaprint.com. I have used them in the past for notes and cards. They have many more options for cardstock. Since I waited too long to get my act together and didn’t want to spend extra for shipping, I went with shutterfly – they are always super fast. Just know that you can make your own invitations/cards using these steps and use any online printer that you like.



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