happy heart day

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hope you and yours have a love-filled (caffeine-fueled??!!) day!

A quick and easy toddler-friendly craft for Valentine’s Day…



What you’ll need:
something sharp (I used a meat fork) – could also use a hole punch if it’s not too big
ribbon, lacing, or yarn

1)   Cut out your heart – I free-handed this, but you could also use a stencil, of course.
2)   Poke holes around the edge of your shape, leaving at least a half inch from the side to prevent it from ripping too easily.

3)   Start lacing your thread through the holes!


My almost-four year old boy LOVED this activity. We will probably be making lacing crafts for a long time to come, perhaps fancy-ing up the project by printing photos onto cardboard or using fabric strips for the lacing. I gave him the lacing and his little cardboard heart and he went to town.


I was also able to have my almost-two year old participate. I started the lacing through the hole and he would pull it through the other side – he thought it was a fantastic game.

This simple craft is fully-adjustable age-wise. You can make the holes smaller and closer together for an older child… If I’d used a larger hole-punch, I’m certain my two year old boy could have done it all by himself. It can also easily be translated to most any holiday St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks, Easter eggs, Christmas trees – or every day shapes, numbers or letters. Basically, any shape you can cut out of cardboard!

Sure, you can buy lacing toys at the toy store, but my boys loved making these for their daddy for Valentine’s Day – fully custom and a great way for them to work on their fine motor skills – and patience!


Happy Heart Day from us to you!


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