hurry up and wait

Our condo is on the market now. We turned the house upside-down and cleared it of all its clutter. No small feat with a toddler and an infant! We then put it on the MLS the very week the whole budget crisis went down. Needless to say, we’ve found ourselves in a “hurry up and wait” kind of scenario re: our condo sale. While we’re waiting for some movement in the market, all our straightening up has had a wonderful impact on our day to day lives.

It has been such a nice feeling living in a more streamlined space. Don’t get me wrong. I love homey spaces, warm, with lots of layers, so it’s not as if we live in a white box. We did not toss all the toys, just kept the most loved ones. We kept out only the serving pieces that we use on a weekly basis. Nothing unusual for most people, but for a clutter-bug like me, it’s been transformative. Everything has a place now, and that place is not in an overstuffed drawer or behind the closet door that you have to quickly shut before things fall out… not that it was ever that way – ha!

Living in a place where each thing has its place has been lovely. As much as I love beautiful magazine cover shoots, with everything is spotless, I love the few images that look as if people actually live there – like everything is in its place, not hidden away for the cameras. Here a couple of these “real” images.

All of our extra toys and books and coats and dishes are in storage in our basement. Whenever the move happens, though, we may get rid of them for good.


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